All our passenger elevators have specifications for use by people with disabilities, by adjusting dimensions and protection systems, based on the current standards (Braille buttons etc.) and your own requirements (e.g. adjusting handrails to the height and size you need).

Furthermore, additional options are available, such as:

Floor announcement

Automatic opening system for a semi-automatic door

Booth seat

In addition to passenger elevators, we also provide specialized solutions for disabled people, to cover all your needs.

Wheelchair transportation

With these types of systems, the passenger can travel vertically or up the stairs with his/her wheelchair. They require minimum space and can be used in both internal and external areas.

For Vertical Transport

Vertical Transport for Staircases


The user sits on the special seat, without the wheelchair, and goes up the stairs or in the swimming pool. It can be fitted to any staircase, indoor or outdoor, straight or curved.


Swimming Pool

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