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KINISIS specializes in the supply, installation, repair, renovation, modernization and licensing of all types of Elevators & Lifting Machines in all types of buildings and facilities. In addition, we undertake maintenance and technical support (after sales service) in both new and existing elevators.

We offer complete elevator systems, as a specialized partner of KLEEMANN HELLAS, while at the same time, we collaborate with the well-known elevator companies GMV, MORIS, ALBERTO SASSI and Montanari, to provide flexibility and more options to our customers.

All our products are in full compliance with the European standard EN81-20 / 50 and offer maximum safety and reliability.

Following our specialized engineer’s visit to your project, we will suggest the appropriate type of elevator, from a variety of options, depending on the type of your building, the available structural specifications and your personal needs.

Below, you can find the various elevator options we provide: