Privacy Policy & Cookies

The Privacy Policy of KINISIS has been structured in a way that allows you to understand which information we collect concerning your online surfing and why, how you can access this information, and how you can delete it.

User Privacy and Data Protection

The constant flow of data on the internet is an everyday fact. Nevertheless, the collection and processing of these data are allowed only when they are deemed necessary and are legal.

According to law, as well as our company’s ethical conduct code, we, KINISIS, commit to not selling, renting, distributing or publishing your personal data, in any way.

Relevant Legislation

Concerning data protection and users’ privacy, and in addition to its internal controls, our website has been designed to comply with the Greek, European and Global legislation. At the same time, our company commits to comply with and adjust its website to any possible future legislation changes.

The current legislation we comply with is the following:

  • EU Data Protection Directive 95/461995 (DPD)
  • EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR)
  • 2472/1997 concerning a Person’s Protection from Personal Data Processing

What type of data do we collect?

We collect data that help us upgrade our services! The data we collect are used exclusively for the services you ask for and are not made known to any third parties under any circumstance.

Our website collects Cookies and, only in specific cases, IP addresses. However, we do not collect, process or store personal data on their use.

In addition, every time you fill a form in our website, we collect information that we treat as personal data. Personal data are the information that identifies you, such as name, email address, telephone number, as well as the message you type in the relevant field and send through the form in the “Communication” page of our website.

How do we collect personal data?

When you submit a communication form with your personal data through our website, we receive them in an email.

This email is sent through SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol). The SMTP routers are protected by a TLS or SSL certificate. This means that the contents of the email are encoded before being sent through the internet. The content is, then, decoded by local computers and local devices.

The data collected are stored in our website’s database in order to facilitate certain procedures such as retaining your message in case  the SMTP router fails to deliver your email.

Furthermore, when you choose to receive our newsletter by email, your email address is stored in our website, received by email and forwarded to an agency that provides email marketing services (e.g. Mail Chimp).

Your email address remains to the agency’s database (e.g. Mail Chimp) for as long as we use the agency’s services or until you expressly demand its removal from our list. Be informed that, as long as your email address is in the agency’s database, you will receive, from time to time, our newsletter or other informational messages via email.

If you are less than 16 years old, you need your parents’ consent before subscribing to our newsletter.

We consider MailChimp to be a third party data processor.

How do we use personal data?

We use the information we collect, such as your email address and phone number, so as to communicate with you in an effective and timely way.

Taking into consideration that your satisfaction is our objective, we ask for your consent to process your data for specific reasons. Be informed that you can revoke your consent at any time.

How do we protect your data?

Our website uses the SSL certificate. SSL guarantees the safe connection between our website’s host server and your browser. Any data transferred (files, personal information etc.) to and from our website are encoded, making it impossible for any third party to either access them without your consent or hack them.

We commit to successfully protect your personal data, from the first moment these are received by our website. Nevertheless, in the extreme case that we learn of any safety infraction, we will notify you at once in order to take the necessary safety measures.

Finally, we keep your personal data for as long as needed to achieve the objective of their collection.

Submission / Deletion of personal data

In case you do not want to receive our newsletter or other informational emails you can use the “unsubscribe” link included in all our emails.

In case you want to receive the data that involve you and are stored in our database, you can send us an email at [email protected] with the subject line “REQUEST INFORMATION ON PERSONAL DATA”.

In case you want your data permanently deleted from our database, you can send us an email with the subject line “REQUEST DELETION OF PERSONAL DATA”.

Data violation

We will inform you immediately of any violation on our website’s database or any third party’s database (if we are made aware of any such violation) resulting in the theft of stored data in any recognisable form. We will also inform the appropriate authorities within 72 hours of the violation.

Changes in our Privacy Policy

The current privacy policy may change at any time, in order to comply with current legislation or ongoing evolution in the field of personal data protection. Our customers and website users will not be notified for the above mentioned changes. To that end, we recommend you regularly check for any changes.

Third Party Tools

Our website collaborates with certain third parties that offer the necessary tools to process the personal data we collect. These third parties are carefully selected and fully comply with the relevant legislation.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to monitor users’ interaction with our website. We use the data they provide us in order to define the number of people using our website, to understand the way users find and surf on our website and to determine their path through it.

Google Analytics monitors data such as your location, device, browser and operating system. However, none of these is considered personal data.

In addition, Google Analytics monitors your IP address which could be used to identify you. However, we do not have access to this information.

Google Privacy Policy (


In order to offer personalized services, most companies use alphanumeric recognition files called “cookies”. Cookies are either permanent or session. Permanent cookies remain on your hard drive after the end of a website visit, having collected a wide variety of information that will be used during your next visit. Session cookies are deleted after you leave the website. Our website uses permanent cookies.

Third party vendors (including Google and Facebook) can show our website’s advertisements through other websites on the internet. To that end, our website and third party vendors (including Google and Facebook) can use cookies to update, make more efficient and show advertisements. To exempt yourself from the use of these cookies click here . If you don’t want Google Analytics to use your data click here.

Our website uses “internet tags” meant to monitor visitors’ response to websites. We assure you that our website does NOT collect or search for personal, identifying information concerning the website’s visitors, such as names, addresses, email addresses or phone numbers, through these cookies or internet tags.

Links to other websites

Our website or any connected applications have hyperlinks to third parties’ websites or applications. Our website has no control over and bears no responsibility for the availability, content, privacy policy, quality and services of websites accessed through links, hyperlinks or advertising banners. Our website is neither connected to nor should be considered an advocate of the content or services of these linked websites.